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Our sister company Left Hook is responsible for several apps on the HubSpot App Marketplace. That means our team is intimately familiar with the many APIs and features available for custom development, including:

  • CRM Extension: Add third-party data to yourHubspot CRM’s Contacts, Companies, or Deals, and view it inside your CRM’s UI on its own branded sidebar “card.” You can also add UI functions that trigger events and push data back to your other apps
  • Timeline: Add specific event data from another app to any Contact, Company, or Deal’s timeline viewed inside the Hubspot UI (including CRM, Marketing Hub, and others TBD.)
  • Sync Data: Using a field mapping UI, configure data syncing between entities and fields between your various apps
  • Hubspot CMS: Display data from other apps in your website, auto-post new blog posts, or update files hosted in your web pages!

If you need help integrating data or functionality from other software into Hubspot, or need to retrieve data stored in Hubspot, we’re the team to do it.


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