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Clockwork Recruiting is a customer of Left Hook, our sister company serving SaaS companies with universalized integrations.

We’re proud to say that our sister team built (and maintains) Clockwork’s Zapier App. We also advise Clockwork on its emerging integration strategy, including its API roadmap and universal integration apps.

Because of our team’s deep experience with its API and product, Clockwork refers executive search and talent recruitment professionals like you to Integration Helpers. We’re here to solve your integration challenges for Clockwork, and all your many apps.

If you need coaching or full-service implementation of Zapier for your Clockwork-centered system, our consultants can help you automate your workflows and spend your precious time closing more searches.

Custom Integration with Clockwork’s API

While Clockwork’s Zapier app is very useful and easy to use, it can’t solve every use case.

Here are a few examples of complex custom scenarios we’ve scoped or developed:

  • Posting Clockwork notifications to Slack, Workplace by Facebook, or any other team communication platform
  • Syncing contact details between Clockwork’s “People” entity and Google Contacts
  • Integrating Calendly or other scheduling technology with People in Clockwork
  • Dynamically pulling up a People record’s link when receiving an inbound phone call via RingCentral (or other Cloud PBX systems)

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About Clockwork Recruiting

Clockwork Recruiting is a software-as-a-service solution tailored for the executive search market and internal recruiting market.

Clockwork enables executive search professionals to work with their clients, candidates and colleagues on the same intuitive SaaS application.

Through more efficient and effective collaboration, searches are completed faster. Clients benefit from increased visibility and accountability throughout the search process.

Search firms improve customer satisfaction while spending less time managing the process.

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