SaaS Leaders:

Do your customers need help using your API in a custom integration?

We Make Custom Integration Easier

For SaaS Leaders and Their Customers

After five years working with SaaS leaders to support their end-customers, we understand.

Unique customer integration requests are painful to support.

Yet customers now expect and rely on your API to run their businesses.

And when they do, customers are happy and stick around. Churn goes down, and expansion revenue goes up.

We call this the Integration Paradox: "Integration that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

If your end-customers need integration help that you can't provide in-house, send them to us!

Many Scenarios, Many Options

There is no single solution to the integration paradox. We offer a suite of services designed to help solve integration challenges of all scopes, large and small.

Our deep experience as marketers, API practitioners, educators, and integration developers informs our expert multi-disciplinary approach to solving API challenges for all types of businesses large and small.


Our Helpful Services

(Current February 2020)

Tutorials & Learning Content

Compelling Documentation or Video Tutorials

Who Pays?

SaaS leaders needing integration-related written or video content to educate their staff and/or customers

How We Price:

Fixed fee projects based on $100 USD/hour

10% Discount for all Left Hook subscribers

Description of Services:

Let us write tutorials explaining how to use your integration offerings. We can also produce animated gifs and walk-through videos.

These tutorials will be useful to both your own team (typically Customer Success and Sales) and to your end customer.

You can add this content to your existing support hub/library, or ask us to build an integration-specific knowledge hub for you.

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Live Group Training

Expert webinar training for your team and/or customers

Who Pays?

SaaS leaders needing integration-related group training to educate their staff and/or customers

How We Price:

Customized online trainings start at $500 USD/session; in-person trainings TBD

20% Discount for all Left Hook subscribers

Description of Services:

If tutorials don't capture focused attention or answer specific enough questions, we can present a live training via webinar or in-person to your staff or end customers.

A live training offered to your customers can give the marketing team an opportunity to focus internal and customer attention on the value of various integration offerings, particularly just after release.

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Direct Consultations

One-on-one hourly consultations with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Sometimes the only way to get your head around something is to talk to an expert.

Our consultants can quickly hop on the phone, ask the right questions, distill the use cases, educate the process, and help you or your end customer decide the right path forward- unblocking a new sale or upgrade for your SaaS.

We offer all consultations under a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty.

Who Pays for a Consultation?

Sometimes the end customer pays us directly; sometimes the SaaS pays. We're open to either scenario. Some common scenarios to consider:

Scenario Who Pays
You're a SaaS sales leader with a hot prospect. But before committing, the prospect wants to know the feasibility and cost of a complicated integration- and confirm that a knowledgeable integrator is ready to help them post-sale SaaS
Your existing customer needs hands-on help configuring or implementing an off-the-shelf integration Either
Your SDR needs guidance on a specific integration request; we prep them to look smart before a prospect SaaS
Your existing customer has a complicated and unique workflow that you've decided not to support beyond your API, but the custom wants to pursue through a custom project Customer

How We Price:

We deliver consultations with two different levels of expertise: Standard and Senior. Before we schedule, we'll assess and present which level of expertise is required.

  • A Standard Consultation is $100 USD/hour billed in 30 minute increments
  • A Senior Consultation is $200 USD/hour billed in 30 minute increments

LENGTH & CAP: A typical consultation requires 1.5 hours to complete, totaling $150 USD for Standard and $300 USD for Senior. (See pricing charts below)

Any single consultation is capped at a maximum of 3 hours. Additional time will likely require a custom project or purchasing bulk hours.

PROJECT CREDIT: If a consultation leads to a follow-on custom project, the consultation price will be applied as a credit toward any project quote.

LEFT HOOK DISCOUNTLeft Hook subscribers receive discounts on all consultations per the tables below.

Consultation Paid For by Your End Customer

Level Typical Time Full Price Left Hook Subscriber Discount
Standard 1.5 hours $150 USD $112 USD (25% off)
Senior 1.5 hours $300 USD $225 USD (25% off)

Consultation Paid for by your SaaS Directly

Level Typical Time Full Price Left Hook Subscriber Discount
Standard 1.5 hours $150 USD $75 USD (50% off)
Senior 1.5 hours $300 USD $150 USD (50% off)

Description of Services:

When a consultation it ordered, we'll perform an initial research inquiry based on any written questions or materials provided ahead of time. We will also schedule a time to talk via Zoom Video.

At the conclusion of the Zoom call, we'll provide a link to the recorded conversation and quickly follow up in writing with any additional information requested during the consultation.

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Solution Architecting & Mapping

Designing the right blueprint to guide success

"Measure twice, cut once" is an old Yankee saying that we like to quote.

Integrations are naturally complex, and require careful upfront consideration. Just like building a house, you want to think through your total design before you start procuring wood and pouring the foundation.

Gartner calls this work Solution Architecture (SA), a rigorous consulting process that drills deep into your system requirements before real money is spent on expensive code.

SA hours upfront will result in a written set of blueprints that dictate what gets built when, and how much it costs.

For an integration, these "blueprints" are charts that look something like this example:

When we're done solution architecting your integration, you'll know for sure that we understood your requirements. These "blueprints" will make everything clear, first for you and then for our developers.

Who Pays?

Our typical Solution Architecture engagement is a referral from a SaaS leader handling a pre-sale or customer success relationship with an end customer. This relationship manager understands the need for expert, focused consulting to sort out specific workflows and data movement details, and recognizes that their own SaaS company isn't in the position to offer the time and expertise to solution architect.

In most cases, the end customer pays for this SA time. However, some SaaS leaders are looking to attract or retain a customer through integration and are willing to contribute financially to remove deal friction.

For some of our most trusted SaaS partners, we serve as a sub-contractor if we maintain direct "line of sight" and communication to the end customer.

And importantly: we begin our consultative process with a Direct Consultation (see above)

How We Price:

We sell our Solution Architecture time at $200 USD per hour, sold in blocks of three (or more) hours.

We offer a 10% Discount for all Left Hook subscribers

Description of Services:

Solution Architecture is a consulting process that involves a mix of technical feasibility research, requirements gathering, charting and documentation, and customer inquiry.

Our Solution Architects ask insightful questions and apply their expert analysis to understand the common patterns of integration and to offer solutions that fit the challenge, can flex to changing needs, and are reliable.

At the end of the engagement, a development team will have the right set of blueprints to go build the right solution- our developers, your developers, or players to be named later!

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Custom Builds, Implementation, & Support

One-Off custom integrations for your customers

Our team can solve your end customer's specific use cases using best-of-breed development tools and custom code as needed.

Who Pays?

Our typical custom project involves a referral from a SaaS leader. We'll then scope a project directly with your end customer, who pays pays us directly for development and ongoing support.

However, we are willing to participate in custom builds paid for (in part or whole) by a SaaS company.

For some of our most trusted SaaS partners, we'll serve as a sub-contractor if we maintain direct "line of sight" and communication to the end customer.

And importantly: we begin our consultative process with a Direct Consultation (see above)

How We Price:

Our custom development projects are priced by the hour. Each project typically requires a mix of skills and experience levels that are reflected in two tiers:

Senior Developer Hours are $150 USD/hour

Junior Developer Hours are $120 USD/hour

Support plans start at $100 USD/month and increase with the complexity of the integration and the SLA requested by the end customer (i.e. 12h or 72h response time).

We offer a 10% Discount on project fees for all Left Hook subscribers. There is no discount available on support plans.

Description of Services:

The cost, timing, and effectiveness of any custom integration will vary greatly depending on many factors, including:

  • Quality of target APIs and related DX (Developer Experience) (including both YOUR API and the third party apps involved)
  • Documented use case(s) and end customer's articulate vision for the desired workflow automation
  • Ongoing clear communication and "clarity of mind" about desired project outcomes
  • Availability and completeness of ready-made connectors on existing integration platforms
  • Technical requirements and considerations (i.e. "our team codes in PHP, so the integration needs to be in PHP too")
  • Required immediacy of data movement (i.e. "real time sync" vs "daily batch")
  • Complexity of logic required to handle the use cases; more logic, more code, more cost
  • Project time horizon
  • Clear budget and priorities, i.e. can this project be built/released in phases

Before we provide any fixed fee pricing for an integration solution, we'll ask your end customer to purchase a block of Solution Architecture hours, to make sure that we're clear on the challenges and specific solutions to be built.

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Universal Integration Opportunities

Does your SaaS want to invest in integration tools that can be made available to all your end customers?

Our mothership company Left Hook builds connectors, marketplace apps, or other universalized integration tools for SaaS companies.

Read more about Left Hook's subscription "managed integrations-as-a-service." They'll build, support, and improve one or more scaleable Integration Opportunities like a Zapier Public App, Hubspot CRM Marketplace Extension, and many more.

Packaged Solutions

The following is complicated but really useful, so stay with us!

IF your end customers often require a common, well-known, repeatable integration solution


Your SaaS can't or won't offer a universalized, off-the-shelf, and easy-to-use solution (like those built by Left Hook)


Your team can work with us to identify and scope the pattern and business opportunity


We'd be happy to explore offering a fixed price solution that is implemented by our team in a standard, advertised way

Chat with us to explore this idea further.


Client Customer Discount!

If your SaaS is a Left Hook client, then your end-customers are eligible for a 10% discount on most Integration Helpers' services.


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