Software integration is complicated.

Need a Hand?

Does your business need help?

Leverage decades of integration expertise.

The team behind Integration Helpers has over twenty combined years invested in wrangling SaaS APIs to improve business efficiency.

Since 2013 we've helped hundreds of businesses automate work through smarter, connected software systems.

Our Origin Story

In the beginning, we learned our integration skills by building custom workflows for clients of our full-service digital marketing and conference technology agency.

We quickly learned that combining our business strategy and marcomm savvy with deeply technical API integration development create something very valuable, hard-to-find, and deserving of its own business.

In 2016, we abandoned general digital marketing to laser-focus on APIs, technical partnerships, and MERN stack development. Thus began Left Hook, our original brand and company.

Left Hook quickly gained the trust of over forty different B2B SaaS companies willing to outsource Zapier Public App and other universalized integration development to our expert team.

And once we learned their APIs and built scalable "over the counter" integration apps to solve broad use cases, many of these companies asked Left Hook to offer professional services direct to their end customers.

No matter how diverse their universalized connector library, most B2B SaaS companies still need to cater to important customers expecting hourly professional services and consulting to solve their unique business challenges.

Your Outsourced Integration ProServ Team

Integration Helpers is here to service the customers of our trusted SaaS Partners, many of whom are also subscribing customers of Left Hook.

Beginning in January 2019, we reorganized into two sister businesses: Left Hook (serving SaaS companies with universal, scaleable integration apps), and Integration Helpers, our professional services team.

Business Improvement thru Software Integration

An inch of time is worth an inch of gold.

But an inch of gold can’t buy an inch of time.

- Ancient Chinese Proverb

You can win back those "inches of time" through smarter software automation.

In the last few years there has been an explosion in web-based apps, services that live in the cloud and solve your problems.

Keeping track of customers, sending marketing emails, or getting clients to sign legal documents- for every business need, theres probably a dozen cloud-based solutions (often called Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS) ready to solve your problems.

You've seen (and probably use) amazing tools like Mailchimp, Wufoo, Google, Zoho, and Quickbooks Online.

But as empowering as the SaaS revolution might be, your software tools are only as good as their ability to talk one another.

Here's one example: let’s say you manage your deals through an online CRM. When you ink a new customer, one click should push their information to your online accounting system, triggering the generation of an online contract and invoice, followed by an email asking for their e-signature and ACH payment.

Our mission: to automate relentlessly, saving you time, money, and the most precious natural resource on earth: your attention span.

Let Integration Helpers help grow your business, one automagical moment at a time.

If you are ready to connect, integrate, and automate your business systems, we’re ready to help.

The Comprehensive Expertise You Need

We are a team of SaaS-savvy doers who've seen it all. Collectively we bring decades of technical and business experience to any workflow or integration challenge. Here's our leadership team:


Tom Elliott

Left Hook Co-Founder

General Manager


(Learn more about Tom on LinkedIn)

Tom Elliott is the founder of Integration Helpers, Left Hook, and its predecessor business ElliottRand Marketing & Communications.

Tom's expertise is in growing high-impact ventures in B2B SaaS software, innovation hubs, social enterprises, conferences, web design, and rural community development.

He first founded ElliottRand Marketing & Communications in 2012 to serve education, technology, professional services, manufacturing, and thought leader clients. The business changed its name to Left Hook Digital in 2014.

As a co-founder and owner of Left Hook, Tom serves as the general manager of all non-developer functions, including Sales, Partnerships, P&L Management & Accounting, HR, Legal, Contracts, Marketing, Web Development, and Strategy, in partnership with CTO Sean Matthews.

Tom was also an early marketing advisor and outsourcing manager for Singularity University's Exponential Conference Series and Summits.

The founder of NH's first tech co-working community (Idea Greenhouse), Tom also served as the Marketing & Conferences Director for an EDA-funded high tech accelerator, and chaired the Durham (NH) economic revitalization committee.

He has also survived the founding of five 501c3 nonprofits, with stints as Board President and Executive Director.

Tom earned his History & Environmental Studies degree from Middlebury College and an MPA from the University of New Hampshire. He lives in Durham, NH with his wife Jennifer and two boys.


Sean Matthews

Left Hook Co-Founder & CTO

Senior Solution Architect


(Learn more about Sean on LinkedIn)

Sean Matthews is the co-founder and CTO of Left Hook, as well as a senior solution architect and CTO for Integration Helpers.


Walter Elly

Senior Solution Architect

Salesforce Platform Expert


(Learn more about Walter on LinkedIn)

Walter Elly is a business and technology consultant with sales, marketing, and management experience, with over 20 years of software experience.

He brings a comprehensive ability to investigate critical business issues, apply strong analytical skills and business process improvement helps clients build and deploy state-of-the-art technology-based solutions.

Walter's experience includes effectively managing and growing a team, selling and presenting complex technology products( including Salesforce technologies) to all levels within organizations from global enterprise to SMB, resulting in numerous consulting engagements. He is also skilled at management and execution of large-scale projects from kick-off through user training.

Walter is also an experienced digital marketer with experience in multiple verticals, utilizing solutions such as search marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. He brings extensive media and advertising experience across broadcast, print and digital on both the publisher and agency side.

After years of traveling the world talking about Salesforce, Walter has settled down in New Hampshire with his wife and business partner Tara. They raise three kids in the woods by a lake.

Paul Kortman

Paul Kortman

Business Process Strategist

Zapier Certified Expert


(Learn more about Paul on LinkedIn)

Paul brings a unique combination of skills and abilities to the table. His 12 years of experience in IT allow him to easily understand complex technologies, while his liberal arts degree has equipped him with outstanding people skills. His marketing expertise enables him to think strategically about business, and his years of experience as a small business owner allows him to clearly communicate with other business owners. Paul has four children, lives in Mexico, loves horseback riding, and is looking for his next great hiking adventure.